Privacy Policy

All personal information offered to the Museum through this website will be handled appropriately, pursuant to the Maizuru City Personal Information Protection Ordinance.

What Is “Personal Information”?

“Personal Information” refers to information through which individuals can be identified, collected by the Museum through its website. Such information includes but is not limited to the names of individuals, and their addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Collection of Personal Information

In principle, the Museum collects personal information through its website only when visitors to the site voluntarily provide it. When the Museum collects personal information, it will clarify the purpose of collection and will not use it beyond the scope of the intended purpose.

Use of Personal Information

Unless otherwise provided by the Personal Information Protection Ordinance, the Museum will not use provided personal information beyond the scope of the intended purpose specified in advance or without the consent of its providers.

Handling of Personal Information

The collected personal information will be handled appropriately by the department responsible for collection. Appropriate measures will be taken to prevent leakage, misappropriation, or falsification. The Museum will discard/delete personal information immediately after it becomes unnecessary.

   Download : Maizuru City Personal Information Protection Ordinance (PDF)


Links to the Museum’s site can be set up from any site except for those that violate standards of public order and morality. (It is not necessary to inform the Museum when setting up a link.) However, owners of other sites should not set up links that display the Museum’s site page inside the frame of their own site. The content of the Museum’s website may be changed or the service may be stopped without prior notice.


In principle, only public institutions can set up cross-links with the Museum’s site. Even though the Museum sets up links to help visitors to access the information they need, the Museum does not guarantee the content of any of its linked sites.


The copyrights of the documents, images and other data on this website belong to either the Museum or the providers of such data. They should not be reproduced or diverted to other purposes without permission from the Museum, except in cases permitted by the Copyright Law (such as reproduction for personal use, or making quotes). For permission to use the data, please contact the Museum.


-The Museum makes no warranties of any kind regarding the accuracy of the information on its website. Excluding cases in which damage/liabilities are directly attributable to negligence by the Museum, it assumes no responsibility for any use of the information on the site by its visitors.


-Excluding cases in which damage/liabilities are directly attributable to negligence by the Museum, it assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage arising from any access to its website.


- The Museum retains the right to change or delete any content on its website without prior notice.


- Without prior notice, the Museum may suspend the provision of part of or the whole of the services on our website for updating, maintenance, or other purposes.

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